New This Week: Touch, a decades-spanning Icelandic romance rated 96% Fresh!

Rent the Cinema

Yes, we rent the cinema for private parties & events! We host:

  • Birthday Parties for kids, teens & adults
  • School Field Trips
  • Club Movie Nights
  • Corporate & Non-Profit Events
  • Customer Appreciation Nights
  • Private Viewings of Any Screen Content – home movies, wedding videos, student films, etc.

Public Events

Our Auditoriums

We have three auditoriums available to rent, each with different qualities:

  • The Metro – our small retro cinema
  • The Roxy – our medium-sized boutique cinema with exposed brick walls
  • The Cameo – our large cinema with a stage & advanced AV


Basic Private Screening (2 hours & 15 minutes)$225 to $450 + HST
(varies by auditorium & day)
Basic Public Screening (2 hours & 15 minutes)$325 to $700 + HST
(varies by auditorium & day)
Group Discount on Small Combos$7.50 + HST
(small popcorn & small drink)
Group Discount on Medium Combos$9.25 + HST
(medium popcorn & medium drink)

Note: we charge extra for:

  • Additional time beyond 2 hours & 15 minutes
  • Private events with over 50 guests
  • Additional technical requirements you may have (e.g. laptop playback, power-point slides, multiple videos, live streaming, video game consoles, etc)
  • Theatrical film booking rights, when required

Day or Night

We rent out the cinema during the day (when we are otherwise closed) and in the afternoons & evenings, 7 days a week!

Payment Options

We accept payment by credit card, debit, cheque or cash.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

  • More than 10 days in advance: there is no penalty for cancelling or rescheduling an event 10 days or more in advance of a screening.
  • Less than 10 days in advance: we may charge a $75 cancellation fee for events cancelled on relatively short notice, as we will have already programmed our advance showtimes to accommodate your event.


Opens July 12: Touch

Alfred Hitchcock Presents – July & August

Alternative 90’s Classic Series

Cult Classics: Summer Movie Nights

Coming in August: CatVideoFest 2024

August 1: Emancipation Day Event

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