"Pure Comedy Gold"Dream Scenario starring Nicolas Cage opens Friday December 1!

The Roxy

Our Brick-Walled Medium-Sized Cinema with new Laser Projection

StyleBoutique cinema atmosphere with exposed brick walls (“Looks like a multi-millionaire’s private cinema!” / “I feel like I’m in New York City!”)
Tech– The best picture quality of all 3 cinemas, thanks to our new “next generation” laser projector
– Playback capabilities: HDMI, DVD, blu-ray, laptop, DCP
– In-cinema HDMI hookup (e.g. can control power-point slides & laptop playback from the front of the auditorium)
– 1 wireless microphone available (though not strictly necessary for public speaking, as the space is relatively small)
– Screen aspect ratio: Flat (1.85:1)
Private Rentals– Maximum of 50 guests for private events
$300+hst on Mondays to Thursdays
$350+hst on Fridays to Sundays
Public Event Rentals– Maximum seating capacity for 68 guests for public events (+ 2 wheelchair spaces)
– Public event rentals start at $400+hst
– Visit our Public Event Venue Rentals page for more details and to contact us for a quote


Nicolas Cage’s Dream Scenario opens December 1!

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Classic Cinema in December

Bradley Cooper’s Maestro opens December 8!

Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron opens December 8!

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