Preview Screenings this Thursday: Hit Man - one of the most anticipated comedies of the year

Wednesday April 24 @ 8:30pm

A live performance hosted by the Cinema Society of Kingston.


Artists: Fan Wu & Prince Nifty

Featuring short films by: Francesca DiBona, William Jennings, and Lauren Thomas

The Ten Thousand Things (萬物) is both a quantitative number and a shorthand way to refer to the teeming unnameable infinitude of existence. Subtending all apparent and sensual things is the Dao, which is the seed of what teems; a mobile and mutable emptiness, it pervades within us as the energy of potentiality. The Way’s generative unity invites us into an ethos of care without attachment, hope without expectation, pleasure without dependency.

touch The Ten Thousand Things without dependency is a drone/poetry album created in attunement with Daoist teachings. Fan Wu & Prince Nifty will launch the album with an improvisatory set accompanied by new films by Francesca DiBona, William Jennings, and Lauren Thomas, in the serpentine dream of the Screening Room.



Opens May 24: Linklater’s Hit Man starring Glenn Powell

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