Preview Screenings this Thursday: Hit Man - one of the most anticipated comedies of the year

Sunday April 21 @ 4pm

This event is presented by the Cinema Society of Kingston and bul-bul dot press.

Join us in April for a curated selection of three extraordinary films by remarkable filmmakers. Prepare to be captivated by the wonders of nature, the complexities of time-travel, and sports as a portal for larger conversations.

In ‘Kings of the North’ (35 minutes) witness the awe-inspiring story of Ice Bears defying hibernation to feast on salmon in the Yukon with acclaimed nature photographer Peter Mather. 

‘Desi Standard Time Travel’ (19 minutes) by Kashif Pasta takes you on an exploration of fatherhood and second chances. We time travel to 1993 to meet Imran’s parents as they arrive in a foreign land. 

Glimpse into the first all-female Muslim softball league in ‘Sisterhood Softball’ (8 minutes) by Farhiya Ahmed. This takes place in a community where women traditionally don’t participate and are seen as disempowered by those outside of their communities

bul-bul dot press is a print and publishing house that focuses on translation. It is run by Asad Chishti who was former staff and volunteer at the Screening Room. Asad now works as a journalist in Whitehorse, Yukon but still considers Kingston home. Asad has held fellowships at Simon Fraser University’s RADIUS program, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, and the MaRS Discovery District. He is thrilled to be bringing these visual journeys from filmmakers he admires to the screens at 120 Princess Street. 



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