"Pure Comedy Gold"Dream Scenario starring Nicolas Cage opens Friday December 1!

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🇨🇦 A fascinating & beautiful film

Ink is our primal medium. It has always been with us, inscribing the evolution of humanity. The Colour of Ink uncovers the medium’s mystery and power through the eyes of Jason Logan, a visionary Toronto inkmaker with roots in the Kingston area. Working with ingredients foraged in the wild–weeds, berries, bark, flowers, rocks, rust–he makes ink from just about anything. Jason sends custom-made inks to an eclectic range of artists around the world, from a New Yorker cartoonist to a Japanese calligrapher. As the inks take on a life of their own, his playful alchemy paints a story of color that reconnects us to the earth and returns us to a childlike sense of wonder.

The Colour of Ink played at the 2023 Kingston Canadian Film Festival.

The Colour of Ink is a captivating and eye-opening work that will have you looking at ink in a colourful new light.

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Runtime 105 minutes
Rated PG
Directed By Brian D. Johnson
Starring Margaret Atwood, Roxx, Soraya Syed
Language English & Japanese With English Subtitles


Nicolas Cage’s Dream Scenario opens December 1!

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