"Pure Comedy Gold"Dream Scenario starring Nicolas Cage opens Friday December 1!

Thursday December 7 @ 8:30pm

Join CFRC 101.9 FM for a “one night only” screening of the pirate radio cult classic, Pump Up the Volume (1990), starring Christian Slater!

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In Arizona, an introverted and insightful teenager, Mark Hunter (Christian Slater), finds an outlet for his viewpoints through a shortwave radio. Broadcasting as “Hard Harry,” Hunter uses his pirate radio show to rant against the injustices and hypocrisies taking place in the area, and in society in general. Hunter conceals his off-air identity, but a determined student (Samantha Mathis) discovers the truth, while Principal Creswood (Annie Ross) seeks to shut down Hunter once and for all.

It’s a howl from the heart, a relentlessly involving movie that gives a kid every reason to believe that he or she can come of age.

Washington Post

Few films understand the fantasies of the would-be outsider-turned-icon quite as well, while remaining in a realistic setting.

New Times
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Runtime 102 minutes
Rated 14A
Directed By Allan Moyle
Starring Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis, Anthony Luke Lucero
Language English


Thu, Dec

8:30 pm


Nicolas Cage’s Dream Scenario opens December 1!

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