New This Week: Touch, a decades-spanning Icelandic romance rated 96% Fresh!

Closes February 21
Innovative Stone Age horror, set 45,000 years ago

45,000 years ago . . . Six people search for a new home in a brutally inhospitable landscape . . . and when night falls, they are stalked by a terrifying enemy.

A small boat reaches the shores of a raw and desolate landscape. A group of six have struggled across the narrow sea to find a new home. They are starving, desperate, and living 45,000 years ago. First they must find shelter, and they strike out across the tundra wastes towards the distant mountains that promise the abundant caves they need to survive. But when night falls, anticipation turns to fear and doubt as they realize they are not alone.

Out of Darnkness is inspired by the environmental terrors, astonishing world building, and
fundamentally human horrors of classics such as ALIEN (1979), THE HILLS HAVE EYES (1977), THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974), and THE THING (1981). The film’s characters speak an entirely made-up language, based on speculation of how people spoke 45,000 years ago.

Gorgeous visuals, luscious soundscapes, and a courageous decision to create an entirely new language, ensure that [the film] stands proudly unique.


The handsomely shot and stunning craft on display makes for an impressive debut by director Andrew Cumming.

Bloody Disgusting
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Runtime 87 minutes
Rated 14A
Directed By Andrew Cumming
Starring Chuku Modu, Kit Young, Safia Oakley-Green
Language A language invented specifically for the movie! With English Subtitles


Opens July 12: Touch

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