Opening September 29: Oppenheimer on Kingston's first laser projector! Showtimes & tickets.

Closes September 28
🇨🇦 A heartwarming hit from Quebec

For more than 25 years, Marc Côté, street chaplain and parish priest, has lived with the poor and the homeless. Today, Marc is a worn-out man. Exhausted from running his church, which serves as a shelter, and overwhelmed by the bills they can no longer pay, Marc must face the facts: he will have to shut down his church.

Like a call from Providence, he inherits a property in the Bas-du-Fleuve region and decides to take a group of unhoused people with him, who, like himself, need a vacation. Le Temps D’un Été (“One Summer”) immerses us in a bright story… A story woven with laughter, silences and tears… A feel-good movie where the sun and the clouds blend together leaving the audience with a delicious taste of hope.

A story woven with laughter, silences and tears.

Journal Le Soir

The film of the year!… A film that warms the heart.

Noovo Moi
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Runtime 120 minutes
Rated PG
Directed By Louise Archambault (And the Birds Rained Down, Gabrielle)
Starring Patrice Robitaille, Sylvio Archambault, Victoria Barkoff
Language French With English Subtitles


Wed, Sep

3:00 pm

Thu, Sep

3:00 pm


Oppenheimer with Laser Projection: Starts September 29

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