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Ranked #8 on the 2022 Sight and Sound Greatest Films of All Time Critics’ Poll.

A dark-haired woman (Laura Elena Harring) is left amnesiac after a car crash. She wanders the streets of Los Angeles in a daze before taking refuge in an apartment. There she is discovered by Betty (Naomi Watts), a wholesome Midwestern blonde who has come to the City of Angels seeking fame as an actress. Together, the two attempt to solve the mystery of Rita’s true identity. The story is set in a dream-like Los Angeles, spoilt neither by traffic jams nor smog.

David Lynch’s gloriously specific and frustrating masterpiece still stands as an unparalleled, idiosyncratic work of cinema.

The Ringer

Mulholland Drive is pure cinema – a gorgeous, noir-narcotic loop of heartbreak in the “dream place” of Los Angeles.

Danny Leigh
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Runtime 147 minutes
Rated 18A for sexual content and violence
Directed By David Lynch
Starring Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux
Language English


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