"Pure Comedy Gold" β€” Dream Scenario starring Nicolas Cage opens Friday December 1!

Opens January 5
πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Hirokazu Koreeda's (Shoplifters) New Movie!

When her young son Minato starts to behave strangely, his mother feels that there is something wrong. Discovering that a teacher is responsible, she storms into the school demanding to know what’s going on. But as the story unfolds through the eyes of mother, teacher and child, the truth gradually emerges.

Monster is another striking piece of work from a master, a movie that’s so carefully calibrated that you get lost in these characters, forgetting they’re performers and not people caught up in a genuinely traumatic chapter of life.


A minutely observed, profoundly compassionate chronicle of untidy contemporary lives…

Best of the YearDrama
Runtime 126 minutes
Rated 14A
Directed By Hirokazu Koreeda
Starring Sakura Ando, Eita Nagayama, Soya Kurokawa
Language Japanese With English Subtitles


Nicolas Cage’s Dream Scenario opens December 1!

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