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Opens April 19
🇨🇦 Winner of the People's Choice Award at KCFF '24

Through the eyes of a strong-willed woman comes the remarkable true story of Irena Gut Opdyke and the triumphs of the human spirit over devastating tragedy. 19-year-old Irena Gut is promoted to housekeeper in the home of a highly respected Nazi officer when she finds out that the Jewish ghetto is about to be liquidated. Determined to help twelve Jewish workers, she decides to shelter them in the safest place she can think of: the basement of the German commandant’s house. Over the next two years, Irena uses her wit, humor, and courage to hide her friends until the end of the German occupation, concealing them in the midst of countless Nazi parties, a blackmail scheme, and even the birth of a child. Her story is one of the most inspiring of our time.

Under Louise Archambault’s skilful direction, Sophie Nélisse offers a believable portrayal of Irena as young, unsophisticated, and frightened of the task she has taken on, but all the more admirable for being overwhelmed.

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Anchored by a brilliant performance from Sophie Nélisse, Irena’s Vow is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of hope in the face of adversity.

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Runtime 121 minutes
Rated 14A
Directed By Louise Archambault
Starring Sophie Nélisse, Dougray Scott, Andrzej Seweryn
Language English


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Opens April 19: Irena’s Vow

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