Sunday February 18 @ 4pm

As a special perk for card-carrying members of The Screening Room, we’ve arranged an exclusive preview screening of an upcoming new release! No one will know what film it is until the lights come down and the opening credits begin…

All we will tell you about the movie is that:

  • The movie has picked up numerous awards on the international film festival circuit, including multiple Audience Choice awards
  • It is rated over 90% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes
  • The runtime is less than 2 hours, and the film is rated PG
  • It is in a language other than English (presented with English subtitles, of course)
  • You will be watching it in advance of its Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal theatrical release date!

Advance tickets are on sale now! As this is a “Members Only” event:

  • *Please be sure to bring your Membership Card with you*, so we can confirm that it has not expired. Your physical card is your proof of membership, as our Membership program is hopelessly old-school and we do not maintain a central database of members.
  • Has your Membership Card expired, or have you not become a member yet? You can buy a new Membership Card when you buy your ticket online!
Runtime Under 2 hours
Rated PG
Directed By ???
Starring ???
Language 100% in a language other than English, presented with English subtitles


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