New This Week: Touch, a decades-spanning Icelandic romance rated 96% Fresh!

Closes December 7
🇫🇮 Aki Kaurismäki's deadpan romantic comedy is one of the highlights of 2023!

In modern-day Helsinki, two lonely souls in search of love meet by chance in a local karaoke bar. However, the pair’s path to happiness is beset by numerous obstacles — from lost numbers to mistaken addresses, alcoholism, and a charming stray dog.

The most consistent filmmaker working today might be Aki Kaurismäki, the Finnish master who produces a soft-spoken and mordant comedy every six years or so and never, ever misses the mark. Even by his high standards, Fallen Leaves is close to perfect.

The Atlantic

Fallen Leaves may be endowed with the spirit of a fable and the romantic sweep of a Sirkian melodrama, but its faith in our ability to find light in the darkness never feels the least bit false or naive.

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Best of the YearDrama
Runtime 81 minutes
Rated PG
Directed By Aki Kaurismäki
Starring Alma Pöysti, Jussi Vatanen, Alina Tomnikov
Language Finnish With English Subtitles


Opens July 12: Touch

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