Opening September 29: Oppenheimer on Kingston's first laser projector! Showtimes & tickets.

🇳🇱 Immersive art documentary

Go behind the scenes of the largest Vermeer exhibition ever mounted, at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Capturing the imagination of the art world—with glowing reviews, global publicity, and tickets sold out through the entirety of its run—the Rijksmuseum’s Vermeer retrospective is nothing short of an historic event.

Suzanne Raes’s film follows curators, conservators, collectors and experts in their joint mission to shine a new light on the elusive Dutch Master. This fascinating documentary reveals everything from the quiet diplomacy required to get the Vermeers to the Netherlands and the new technical knowledge gained by scanning the paintings layer by layer, to the shocking news that one work may not be by Vermeer after all.

In the process, we discover how Vermeer was able to depict reality so differently from his contemporaries. But above all, Close to Vermeer shows the infectious love Vermeer’s art inspires. As one curator lovingly puts it: “A good exhibition should change your view of the world. Vermeer can really do that.”

Close to Vermeer understands that great art isn’t just about the work itself – the craft, innovative techniques, and influence; it’s about the feelings a painting provokes in the individual observing it.


A gentle, thoughtful documentary, populated by knowledgeable individuals.
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Runtime 79 minutes
Rated PG
Directed By Suzanne Raes
Starring Gregor J.M. Weber, Pieter Roelofs, Abbie Vandivere
Language English & Dutch With English Subtitles


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Oppenheimer with Laser Projection: Starts September 29

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