Opening September 29: Oppenheimer on Kingston's first laser projector! Showtimes & tickets.

The Reel-In Cis Str8 Film Festival is a curated film series by Matt Salton, executive director of the ReelOut Queer Film Festival that focuses on cinematic stories centered around cisgender/heterosexual lifestyles but with a distinctly queer aesthetic.  It’s also a subversive response to “Why do they need their own film festival? You don’t see straight film festivals!”  Now you do. You’re welcome.


All films will play at The Screening Room (120 Princess Street) on Tuesdays at 8:30pm with an additional encore screening of Showgirls on Friday September 29 at 9:30pm.



September 26 & 29

Showgirls (1995)

A carefree young drifter arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer and sets about clawing her way to the top of the Vegas showgirls.

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Tuesday October 3 @ 8:30pm

The Doom Generation (1995)

Reel-IN Str8 Cis Film FestBlack ComedyRoad Movie

Two troubled teens pick up an adolescent drifter, and the threesome embark on a sex-and-violence-filled journey through an America of psychos and quickie marts.

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Oppenheimer with Laser Projection: Starts September 29

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“Straight Reels with Queer Feels”

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