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Michael Weldon created the term “Psychotronic” when he put together a self-published weekly movie guide that he circulated locally, later turning it into a full-sized magazine.  The term “Psychotronic” was originally intended to cover his 2 main interests in film:  Horror (the “Psycho” part) and Science Fiction (which usually contained  a lot of “Electronic” gadgetry).  He would expand the definition to include other types of genre films, like rock and roll movies (which would include movies with Elvis and The Beatles), juvenile delinquent movies, blaxploitation movies,  counterculture movies, women in prison movies, Hercules movies, spaghetti western movies, kung fu movies and just generally anything outside of the mainstream.  “Psychotronic” movies continue to be made to this day, although with much larger budgets, and very often achieving a greater amount of respectability (for example, the films of David Lynch) than they did in the past.  The Psychotronic creed… continue reading below.


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