New This Week: Touch, a decades-spanning Icelandic romance rated 96% Fresh!

A portrait of queer joy amongst rodeo performers in New Mexico

National Anthem

Opens July 19

A 21-year-old construction worker in New Mexico joins a community of queer rodeo performers in search of their own version of the American dream.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus stuns in mother-daughter drama


Opens July 19

A mother and her teenage daughter must confront Death when it arrives in the form of an astonishing talking bird.

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Starring Bette Midler, Susan Sarandon, Megan Mullalley & Sheryl Lee Ralph!

The Fabulous Four


It tells the story of two friends who travel to be bridesmaids in a surprise wedding of their college girlfriend.

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Alicia Vikander and Jude Law in King Henry VIII drama!


Opens July 26

Katherine Parr, the sixth wife of King Henry VIII, is named regent while the tyrant battles abroad. When the king returns, increasingly ill and paranoid, Katherine finds herself fighting for her own survival.

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Thursday August 1 at 6pm

From Loss to Liberation: Emancipation Day Film Series

Join us for a poignant and enlightening film screening event in honour of Emancipation Day. This free event is open to all community members aged 16 and above and offers an opportunity to reflect on the themes of heritage, loss, and the journey towards healing and restitution. Featuring a short film, Joy’s Garden and two short documentaries by Open Restitution, the film makers, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo and Chao Taiyana Maina will be in attendance to support thought-provoking conversation. Through these films, we aim to ignite discussions on the importance of heritage, the impact of loss, and the power of reclamation. Come and be part of an event that not only entertains but also educates and inspires.

Colman Domingo shines in moving prison drama about a theatre troupe

Sing Sing

Opens August 2

Divine G, imprisoned at Sing Sing for a crime he didn’t commit, finds purpose by acting in a theatre group alongside other incarcerated men in this story of resilience, humanity, and the transformative power of art.

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🇮🇪 Wildly entertaining music biopic about rebellious Irish hip hop trio


Opens August 2

When fate brings Belfast teacher JJ into the orbit of self-confessed ‘low life scum’ Naoise and Liam Og, the needle drops on a hip hop act like no other. Rapping in their native Irish, they lead a movement to save their mother tongue.

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Winner of the Audience Award at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival


Opens August 9

In 2008, during the last month of summer before high school begins, an impressionable 13-year-old Taiwanese American boy learns what his family can’t teach him: how to skate, how to flirt, and how to love your mom.

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🇨🇦 Elliot Page's return to the big screen!

Close To You

Opens August 16

Follow Sam who has the chance to encounter with an old friend on his way back home to a dreaded family reunion that forces him to confront long-buried memories.

August 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 & 25

CatVideoFest 2024


CatVideoFest is BACK for another year! Come watch a compilation reel of the latest and best cat videos culled from countless hours of unique submissions and sourced animations, music video, and classic internet powerhouses.

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Invigoratingly twisty horror!

Strange Darling

Opens August 23

Nothing is what it seems when a twisted one-night stand spirals into a serial killer’s vicious murder spree.

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Jason Schwartzman & Carol Kane star in a crisis of faith comedy!

Between The Temples

Opens August 30

A cantor in a crisis of faith finds his world turned upside down when his grade school music teacher re-enters his life as his new adult Bat Mitzvah student.

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Heartfelt family film based on a man's bond with a rescued penguin

My Penguin Friend

Opens August 30

Inspired by a true story; an enchanting adventure about a lost penguin rescued from an oil spill, who transforms the life of a heartbroken fisherman. They soon become unlikely friends, so bonded that even the vast ocean cannot divide them.

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Nicholas Cage in one of the most anticipated horrors of the year!



In pursuit of a serial killer, an FBI agent uncovers a series of occult clues that she must solve to end his terrifying killing spree.

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🇨🇦 Riveting documentary exploration of Jackie Shane: compelling soul singer who was a pioneering trans performer

Any Other Way: The Jackie Shane Story

Opens September 6

A lost R&B star who eclipsed Etta James and Little Richard, trans soul singer Jackie Shane blazed an extraordinary trail with an unbreakable commitment to her truth. Forty years after vanishing from public view, this 20th century icon finally gets her second act.

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Saturday September 7 @ 8pm

School’s Out (1992): The Degrassi Finale Feature Film – With Actors in Attendance!


Degrassi stars Joey and Caitlin in attendance for this special event!

The Degrassi kids spend one last summer together.

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Visually splendid surfing documentary

Trilogy: New Wave

Opens September 13

Three elite surfers travel to eight remote destinations searching for pristine waves and an escape from the pressures of competition.

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Francis Ford Coppola's decades in the making opus!


DramaScience Fiction

An architect wants to rebuild New York City as a utopia following a devastating disaster.

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Don Hertzfeldt's landmark of animation plus his new short film!

It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2012) + Me


Bill struggles to put together his shattered psyche.

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Peter Sarsgaard stars in witty class-war comedy



During the Spanish Flu of 1918, a rebellious servant leads a revolt against his wealthy employer.

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Upcoming Classic Movies

🇩🇪 July 19, 23 & 25

Run Lola Run (1998) – 25th Anniversary Restoration!

After a botched money delivery, Lola has 20 minutes to come up with 100,000 Deutschmarks.

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July 20, 21, 23 & 25

The Lady Vanishes (1938)

While travelling in continental Europe, a rich young playgirl realizes that an elderly lady seems to have disappeared from the train.

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🇨🇿 Sunday July 21 at 7:10pm

Ikarie XB 1 (1963)

In the year 2163, a band of astronauts embarks on a fifteen-year voyage deep into outer space, in hopes of discovering life in another galaxy. On their journey, they run into unexpected troubles: encounters with abandoned alien craft, malfunctioning onboard computers and tensions among its crew.

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🇬🇧 July 26, 30 & August 1

Trainspotting (1996)

Renton, deeply immersed in the Edinburgh drug scene, tries to clean up and get out despite the allure of drugs and the influence of friends.

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Opens July 12: Touch

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August 1: Emancipation Day Event

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