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Their Finest

Fri June 23 @ 6:55
Sat June 24 @ 3:55
Sun June 25 @ 1:15
Mon June 26 @ 3:55
Tue June 27 @ 6:55
Wed June 28 @ 1:00*
Thu June 29 @ 3:55
* Baby-friendly matinee

Comedy / Drama
Runtime: 117 minutes
14A: coarse language, sexual situations
Directed by Lone Scherfig (An Education)
Starring: Gemma Arterton, Bill Nighy

Rated 91% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!

Baby-Friendly Matinee screening on Wednesday June 28 @ 1pm!

Synopsis: Director Lone Scherfig (An Education) returns with this rousing romantic comedy set in Britain’s wartime film industry. Featuring a cast teeming with some of the UK’s most charismatic comedic actors, Bill Nighy and Richard E. Grant among them, Their Finest is about boosting morale in a period of national—and personal—crisis. Catrin is a “slop” scriptwriter, charged with bringing a female perspective to war films produced by the British Ministry of Information’s Film Division. Her current project is a feature inspired by stories of British civilians rescuing soldiers after the retreat at Dunkirk. Catrin’s artist husband looks down on her job, despite the fact that it’s paying the rent. While on location in Devon, Catrin begins to come into her own and earn the respect of her peers. She’s the only crewperson that Ambrose Hilliard (Nighy), a past-his-prime yet nonetheless pompous actor, will talk to. Based on the novel Their Finest Hour and a Half by Lissa Evans, the film pops with witty banter and flows with lovely period detail.

There aren’t many movies about the propaganda machine during the Second World War, but Lone Scherfig’s smart, heartwarming take on the efforts of the British film industry makes up for the sparse coverage. -Globe and Mail

Genial and engaging with a fine sense of humor, it makes blending the comic with the serious look simpler than it actually is. -Los Angeles Times