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Strangers On the Earth (Camino Documentary)

Thu June 1 @ 7:00

Runtime: 96 minutes
Spain / USA
Directed by Tristan Cook
Languages: English + some Spanish with English subtitles

Synopsis: In the footsteps of Walking the Camino, Tristan Cook’s lively portrait of modern pilgrims and fellow travellers winding their way on the Camino de Santiago muses on the psychological and spiritual dividends of a 30-day hike. The landscape is beautiful but brutal, the dorms are packed and the bunks are hard. Some find solace in solitude; others discover kinship and community en route. The case of Dane Johansen is remarkable: he embarks on the nearly 600-mile journey carrying his cello on his back. Johansen had been planning the trek for years, and raising funds online, with the notion of performing and recording Bach’s Cello Suites in thirty-six churches along the Camino. A few hundred miles further on he finds a deeper understanding of the ego that has brought him this far, and a new appreciation for the gift of music.

Journeys more often than not are not what we expected. And neither is Cook’s unpredictable and reflective work, set to a brooding solo-cello score and filled with whatever metaphors you need. We are alone on this trip–take it, and this marvellous film, at your own pace. -Globe and Mail

Director Tristan Cook interweaves spectacular images from the Camino with philosophical reflections by a handful of other pilgrims, who hail from around the world. This isn’t a talking-heads doc; the words and images go together, as if we’re hearing the voices in our heads as we walk. -Now Toronto