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Donnie Darko (2001)

Tue Oct 31 @ 8:15pm
(Halloween Night)

Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Runtime: 113 minutes
Rated 14A:
Directed by: Richard Kelly
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone, Patrick Swayze

Our Cinematica “Movie of the Month” for October 2017!

Synopsis: This unclassifiable but stunningly original film obliterates the walls between teen comedy, science fiction, family drama, horror, and cultural satire–and remains wildly entertaining throughout. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Donnie, a borderline-schizophrenic adolescent for whom there is no difference between the signs and wonders of reality (a plane crash that decimates his house) and hallucination (a man-sized, reptilian rabbit who talks to him). Obsessed with the science of time travel and acutely aware of the world around him, Donnie is isolated by his powers of analysis and the apocalyptic visions that no one else seems to share.

The debut feature of writer-director Richard Kelly, Donnie Darko is a shattering, hypnotic work that sets its own terms and gambles–rightfully so, as it turns out–that a viewer will stay aboard for the full ride.

“Complex, inventive, gripping, strange, and in the end deeply moving, with more ideas in it than Hollywood has produced in the entire last decade.” -Daily Info

“A wondrous, moodily self-involved piece of work that employs X-Files magic realism to galvanize what might have been a routine tale of suburban teen angst.” -Village Voice

“Mixes parody and satire with earnest psychodrama and coming up with plot points no one could anticipate.” -Chicago Reader