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Dinner + A Movie with Olivea Restaurant: Mostly Martha (2001)

Monday October 30 @ 5:45pm

Comedy, Romance, Drama
Runtime: 109 minutes
German language with English subtitles
Rated (G): suitable for all audiences.
Directed by Sandra Nettelbeck
Tickets for “movie only”: $8 members / $12 non-members

We’re happy to present another Dinner and a Movie event with Olivea Restaurant!  Join us at The Screening Room for the charming German comedy ‘Mostly Martha’, followed by special themed dinner prepared by Olivea’s female chefs. Tickets cost $75 (available at Olivea) and may very well sell-out in advance. More details on Olivea’s website.

Synopsis: Martha relies on her culinary skills as her primary means of communication. She lives for her work and presides with obsessive care over her spotless, precise kitchen. When a fateful accident leaves her 8-year-old niece in her care, Martha’s orderly life begins to come undone. When the owner is consequently forced to bring in help, Martha and the new charming and carefree Italian chef are instantly at odds. The pressures of both her private and work life combine to create a situation that will fundamentally call her attitudes and life choices into question while these interlopers into her life begin to profoundly change it.

“An engaging fantasy of flavours and emotions, one part romance novel, one part recipe book.” – Globe & Mail

“Martha is rich in contradictions, her tightly wound personality running counter to the sensual pleasure she offers others through her art.” -Village Voice