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As the Raven Flies: A Moveable Chair (0.33-0.67)

Sunday October 1 @ 7pm

Runtime: 113 minutes
Rated NR
Directed by Asad Chishti
Admission by donation / all are welcome to attend!

A project report from former Screening Room staffer Asad Chishti on his cross-Canada cycle trip projected, As the Raven Flies. Presented by Chairs and Tables, with support from Downtown Camera and Vanhawks

Synopsis: Knowing that the mainstream narrative in the sesquicentennial year would be in a certain regard, Asad and a fellow photographer spent six months in Kingston preparing. Their journey took them from coast-to-coast-to-coast on their bicycles as they interviewed and highlighted certain communities and moments in time and space. Fresh off of his second cross-Canada by bike tour, Asad returns to Kingston to share his experience through a rather unrefined and unpolished swim through the experience. Expect plot twists.

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(Photo credit:Jonathon Reed)