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A Bag of Marbles / Un sac de billes

Cancelled: Tue Sept 19 @ 5:40
Confirmed: Thu Sept 21 @ 8:25

Runtime: 110 minutes
France / Canada / Czech Republic
Rated 14A: coarse language, disturbing situations
Starring Dorian Le Lech, Patrick Bruel
Directed by Christian Duguay
Languages: French (with English subtitles)

Synopsis: A heartwarming, family-friendly film, similar to Louis Malle’s Au Revoir Les Enfants, that explores the Nazi treatment of Jews from a child’s perspective. Based on the autobiographical novel by Joseph Joffo, the film tells the story of two brothers whose parents send them away from Vichy France to join their siblings in the free zone in Nice. The boys face possible capture and deportation along the way.

The movie’s strength is that it follows the rhythm of the boys’ journey, and mixes the comedy and tragedy well, often in the course of a single scene. The script highlights the brothers’ resilience, as well as their vulnerability. -Jerusalem Post