Changes to Ticket Price & Membership

We changed our ticket prices & membership benefits, effective Friday September 1 2017.

New Ticket Prices:

  • $8 – Member admission
  • $12 – Non-Member admission
  • $6 – Youth aged 3-17

If you attend The Screening Room at least three times a year, it’s time to buy a membership!

2017-Gold-Member-CardNew Membership Card Prices (valid for 12 months):

  • $10 – General (64 and under)
  • $5 – Seniors (65+) -new discount!
  • $5 – Students (with ID)

Changes to Benefits of Membership:

  • Members pay $8 (instead of $12) for a regular ticket. Big savings every day!
  • No more Member discount for weekday matinee screenings
  • No more “free movie on your birthday”
  • No more discount at the Snack Bar
  • Our new Membership cards (letterpress printed by Everlovin’ Press) are gold!

Existing Memberships: all Membership cards issued before September 1 are valid for the big new Membership benefit (i.e. $8 admission: save $4 on every movie!), but we will no longer be providing the old benefits. If you want a shiny new gold card, we’ll replace your existing card for free (with the same expiration date).

Changes to Special Discount Prices:

  • No more discounted tickets for non-Member seniors (65+): Attention all seniors who frequent The Screening Room: it’s time to buy a Membership!  We encourage you to buy a Membership card (which only costs $5 for seniors) to get $8 admission. Your $5 will go directly to help pay for our 2017 renovation project, which will make the cinema accessible to people in wheelchairs and anyone who has difficulty with stairs.
  • The $6 child admission is now for all youth aged 17 and under, not just 14 and under.
  • No more Student Thursdays: students who attend The Screening Room more than once a year are encouraged to buy a Membership card, and students pay only $5 for a 12-month membership!
  • No more Cheap Tuesdays: ticket prices on Tuesday will be the same as every other day of the week. Budget-conscious moviegoers are encouraged to buy a Membership for $8 admission every day.

As you may have figured out by now, we really want you to consider buying a Membership card!

Why did we make these changes?

For the past several months, we’ve been crunching numbers, studying other independent cinemas, and examining our Box Office workflow, and made these changes for the following 3 reasons:

  1. The increase in revenue will help pay for increasing operating costs (e.g. $15 minimum wage), and our 2017 Renovation Expansion Project. We are in the middle of an exciting, extensive renovation that will make our cinema wheelchair accessible and add a third screen, along with many other improvements. We are a business, and these improvements to Kingston’s cinema experience are being paid for entirely (100%) through ticket & snack bar sales; we are receiving no government grant money or subsidies from the City to pay for it. We’re not going to do a crowdfunding campaign either (a popular idea these days), as we want our energies to be focused on creating the best moviegoing experience possible, not fundraising.
  2. We want to offer our best price to Membership-holding moviegoers 7 days a week, as our cinema lives and thrives thanks to the people who attend our cinema regularly. Offering discounts for showing up on a particular day or being a particular age doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint for independent cinemas, and our new pricing is in alignment with what’s done by other independent cinemas in Ontario (e.g. Ottawa, Guelph and London).
  3. We needed to simplify our ticket pricing and membership benefits, to prevent confusion and slow-down at our Box Office. We need to serve large numers of people quickly at our Box Office and Snack Bar, so we want our transactions to be as simple as possible to keep lines short. (That’s also the motivation for why we accept cash only and include HST in all our prices).

Exciting changes are happening at the cinema; we look forward to seeing you soon at the movies!

Wendy Huot
Owner/Operator of The Screening Room

Comments? Questions? Email
or phone our office: 613-542-6080